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Newsletter July 2018

July was a busy and exciting month for the WFC. We had a lot of visits, our concept team went to Dublin accompanied by BRC and we received a new WFC scale-model from our architects.

29th of August: BRC presents second review of the Masterplan

BRC presented its first ideas on the masterplan to various stakeholders in May 2018. At the end of August BRC will come to the Netherlands for the sequel: the second review. They will then present a masterplan that's 90% ready. We all look forward to this session. The “final presentation” will be in October 2018.

Concept team inspired by the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery

Our concept team went to Dublin on the 20st of June. They visited the Guinness Storehouse and the Jameson Distillery. The Guinness Storehouse was named the best visited attraction in Europa in 2016 and Jameson was voted best whiskey attraction worldwide. In both the experiences the concept team got a special tour and had the opportunity to talk with the management. The purpose of this trip was to experience an experience in stead of only talking about it. At this day we got a glimpse of what the WFC could look like in 2021.

New scale-model of the WFC-area

Architectural firm "de Zwarte Hond” made a new scale-model of the WFC-area. This model will spur the imagination and support planning around the WFC. What's nice about such a model is that it gives the opportunity of switching  and moving the buildings at will. 

David de Bruijn: new strategic communication advisor of the WFC

Since the 1st of July David de Bruijn is responsible for the strategic communication of the WFC.

“If you know what you eat, you will eat better!” That is my motto. The past few years I’ve worked as a communication manager at the Dutch Bakery Center. I had to deal with a lot of challenges about image nuilding and branding of bakery products and other basic food supplements. For example, whether you make healthier or more sustainable choices. I believe that when you have the right knowledge, you can make more conscious choices. Whether it's about health, sustainability or taste."

This new job at the WFC is an interesting challenge for me. I can help consumers to eat healthier, more sustainable and make them proud of our Dutch foodchain.

Linkedin: in/dajdebruijn/
Twitter: @Daviddebruijn

Other food news

House of representatives passed four food motions

The Dutch 'Tweede Kamer' recently passed four food related motions. These four motions relate to the successor of the ‘Concious Choice logo’, the prevention agreement, child marketing for unhealthy products and cosmetic requirements in marketing standards for fruit and vegetables. The House of Representatives wants to give consumers the option of making a healthy choice in a glance. In addition, they want food to be treated as a full and independent part of the prevention agreement. They also want child marketing to be focused on healthy products, and to stop supermarkets from banning products because of their appearance.

Consumer wants healthy ánd tasty food

Healthy and tasty food cán go together. However, it seems our society falls apart in two camps: ‘healthy’ or ‘tasty’. Consumers think of less salt  fat and sugar and enough vitamins, minerals and fibers when they talk about ‘healthy’. The exact interpretation of healthy, however,  stays vague. Motivaction, a market research firm in Amsterdam, did some interesting consumer research. Some of the conclusions:

  • People eat more biological and plant based food in 2018 than in 2017. 
  • There is a small increase in vegetarians and flexitarians.
  • Consumers think vitamins, minerals, fibers and protein are the key ingredients for a healthy life.
The visits

Ministerial visits

On the 15th of June, Charles Wijnker, director food, health protection and prevention at the Ministry VWS visited the WFC. His purpose was to see what the WFC does and what we locally can do about health and prevention from the FOOD program.

A couple of new council members from Ede and Wageningen also brought a visit to the WFC. These two cities are working together to create and strengthen an international climate for innovative companies and knowledge institutes in agrifood. 

On the 21th of June minister Ollongren (BZK) and minister Van Nieuwenhuizen (Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management) visited the WFC as part of the government's Infrastructure, Space and Transport program.

180 food professionals walked The Food Mile

On Friday, June 22, 180 food professionals joined a culinary walk along the food chain. They walked nearly 2,500 kilometers. These are a lot of steps on the food chain! Inspirators and start-ups from the industry told about their challenges and opportunities in food. They spoke about themes like waste, plant based food, health and transparency. It was an inspiring and fun event. A long distance for a shorter chain.

International agro food journalists visited the WFC

On the 11th of July the WFC received a very special delegation: forty international agricultural and horticultural journalists. They're members of the IFAJ, an international federation which exists of more than 5,000 agricultural journalists from 45 countries. They focus on sharing new technologies and information, relevant to a rapidly developing and globally important industry.

During the summer break it could be difficult to reach us. Sorry for that ;-) We wish everyone a wonderful vacation and we hope to speak or see you again end of  August.

Have you seen our short video impression?

The World Food Center at Ede, a short impression.
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