FAO visits WFC

On the first of June the WFC hosted a very special delegation. Three people from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations came by to discuss the WFC Experience with BRC. BRC presented a shortened version of the […]

Vietnamese Technology Agency visits WFC

Vietnamese Technology Agency visits WFC Last week WFC received a delegation of 16 Vietnamese visitors from NATEC (National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development). They visited WFC as part of a larger visit, hosted by WFC partner Gieling Consultancy. […]

BRC full speed ahead with Master-plan

BRC full speed ahead with Masterplan The end of April was dominated by the development of the MasterPlan. BRC Imagination Arts came over with their core team, consisting of: Anthony Onibon, Donna Davidson, Carolyn Leach, and Brad Shelton. The core […]

Concept team is working on Master-plan

Concept team is working on Masterplan In the form of a so-called ‘Charrette’ (according to Wikipedia an ‘intense period of design or planning activity’), April saw much work being put into further realization of the Masterplan. A lot of progress was made […]

Ede presents development plans WFC location

The city council of Ede has presented the development framework for the World Food Center location.The WFC will be a hybrid location, a combination of learning, working, living, experiences, leasure and meetings. Fixed components are the WFC Experience Center, business buildings, […]