Growing involvement of NGOs at WFC

The World Food Center has set itself the goal of telling both the national and the international food story. These are complex stories on which different perspectives exist. In order to get a complete picture of the challenges and opportunities related to feeding the world population and telling the complete story about the planet’s capacity and biodiversity, it is important that NGO’s are involved in the WFC as well as public organisations and the business community. .

Over the past period, the WFC has actively sought out the conversation with various NGOs – non-governmental organizations – that work to promote environmental protection, health, international development or the promotion of human rights.

IT’S important that the food debate and discussion has a place in the programming of the Experience. In order to facilitate the dialogue, it is therefore important that we involve the right partners.

In addition to the good contacts with the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), who was already involved in the development of the master plan of the experience, a number of other NGOs have been contacted for input and/or interest to validate and present their information in the WFC.

There are many NGO’s that can provide important input for the WFC Experience. Because it is not possible to speak directly to all parties, we’ve initially opted for exploratory talks with some of the largest or most relevant parties on the themes: consumer, animal welfare, health, environment and international development cooperation.

Meetings have already been held or planned with major national and international organizations such as the Dutch Consumers Association, Animal Protection, World Wildlife Fund, National Action Plan for Fruit and Vegetables, Solidaridad and Oxfam.

Other NGOs who would like to exchange ideas with us about the implementation and programming of the WFC are most welcome.