Presentation Masterplan WFC Experience

On October 3rd, Brad Shelton of BRC Imagination Arts presented the final version of the so-called ‘Masterplan’ for the Experience, to a group that was once again bigger and more complete. Including representatives of the FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, joined by a live video connection.

The masterplan describes the various story lines that are discussed, as well as the visitor journey, focusing on the most relevant food themes that are being treated, the global layout of the Experience, and the possible technologies and resources that can be used to offer visitors a special educational experience. This last presentation zoomed in on a number of changes, implemented after feedback on the previous presentations.

The Great Food Adventure
During their journey through three different experience zones, the visitors immerse themselves in four themes. These zones are about the human body, the food value chain, the global food challenges and the leading role of the Netherlands in achieving a better global future. Visitors can explore these topics in any order, but on quiet days they are guided through a route with a fixed order, the preferred visitor journey.

They experience these topics through a variety of digital interactive elements, live presentations, theatre settings, 3D-media, interactive practices, physical activities and supervised role-playing. By this they learn how our food is grown and produced, which choices the visitors can make to get to a healthier, more balanced (and tastier) nutritional diet, and what we can do (now and in the future) to take care of humanity and the planet that feeds us.



During this session the new Trailer of the World Food Center Experience was presented.
This is why we do it! We feed each other!