The concept team working on the Master Plan for the WFC Experience has been strengthened with the arrival of Samuel Levie. Samuel Levie is a role model for many young people. He is the founder of the Youth Food Movement and the Food Film Festival. He is the owner of Brandt & Levie sausage makers and of Food Cabinet, a socially involved consultancy that works on food issues. He is the initiator and the face of Damn Food Waste, a national campaign against food waste. As a columnist he writes among others for Het Parool and Delicious.

According to Samuel, a more sustainable food system starts with conscious citizens and consumers who enter into conversation with the various elements that form our food system. With his infectious passion, he has developed an enormous network of many young people who are working hard for a better, fairer and more sustainable food system.

Samuel was already involved in the WFC within the Advisory Board but now he stepping it up by participating in the concept team in order to co-decide on the content of the World Food Center Experience.