BRC presents first review Masterplan

On the 31st of May, BRC presented an update on the master plan for the Experience to the various stakeholders. It was somewhat unusual for BRC to present to such a large group (42 people) at this stage of development – at only one third of the process.

This illustrates both the complexity of the WFC-Experience, as well as the enthusiasm among the participating parties, the various authorities, the business community, research institutions, education, health care institutions and the Advisory Council.

The reaction of the concept team, the advisory board and the other attendees was absolutely positive. BRC has succeeded in processing the input of the past sessions and the Charrette in a way that is representative of the wishes and the interests of the various stakeholders.  At the same time they managed to preserve the original vision of the WFC Foundation, as presented in 2012.

For example, a lot of room has been allocated to allow for transparency and debate. In this way potential controversies are not avoided, but identified and addressed. These so called ‘Town Hall areas’ (discussion rooms and platforms) were considered very valuable additions.  Each Town Hall is specifically designed and arranged for a certain topic.