BRC full speed ahead with Masterplan

The end of April was dominated by the development of the MasterPlan. BRC Imagination Arts came over with their core team, consisting of: Anthony Onibon, Donna Davidson, Carolyn Leach, and Brad Shelton.

The core session was the big ‘Charrette‘, a creative inspiration session during which the entire concept team – all companies, local and regional government, the WUR and WFCD worked during the day and the evening on the further concrete interpretation of the Experience.

In addition, a whole series of one-on-one conversations were held with all parties involved. This included the members of the concept team, but also the representatives of the Advisory Council, Healthcare Organizations, the Government, Food Valley NL, the research program (WFC Labs) and Education. Much input for BRC. Very good input too, as Brad Shelton indicated.

During the week, BRC received more concrete input, straight vision, ideas and consensus than previously expected. The enthusiasm at all levels further increased as the week progressed and the picture became clearer.

Brad Shelton: “There is still a lot of work to be done, but the structure is clear. Everyone is in agreement and we have made much more progress than I had anticipated.”

BRC will return to the Netherlands at the end of May for an interim presentation.