The city council of Ede has presented the development framework for the World Food Center location.The WFC will be a hybrid location, a combination of learning, working, living, experiences, leasure and meetings. Fixed components are the WFC Experience Center, business buildings, a hotel and conference function, short stay facilities and houses.

In an interview with, alderman Johan Weijland says that it’s still a global development framework and more detailed zoning plans will follow.

‘Companies must get the feeling: I have to be there!’

According to the presented mock-up, the hotel and conference facilities are located directly behind the Experience Center. Most companies are planned behind the Frisokazerne. An area of ​​50,000 to 120,000 square meters has been reserved for this.‘Time will tell us how this development will go and how much space is needed, but this sector is given priority. Companies must get the feeling: I have to be there!’, says Weijland. He emphasizes that the WFC can never be dominated by one or two large (food) companies. ‘It is non-branded, so there can be a proper exchange of knowledge and debates with many companies and non-commercial institutions.’In addition, the presence of houses in the area should provide extra vitality. It involves a number of 300-600 homes. In De Gelderlander, Weijland says: ‘What we want is a lively campus, even after six o’clock. We see in other locations, e.g. in Eindhoven, that on a pure business campus, in the evening hours nothing happens. This should be a lively place, day and night.’

The plan is characterized by high flexibility. The parking spaces for cars are still drawn above ground ‘But we may have to build them underground,’ says Weijland in De Gelderlander. ‘In fifteen years’ time, society will probably be a lot further with shared cars and self-driving vehicles, so that all those parking places might no longer be needed.  Our development plan must therefore be flexible and dynamic. ‘