Frank Meijer, Global Product Application Development Manager at DSM, explains: “The importance of a World Food Center is now greater than ever. In order to continue to provide a fast growing world population with healthy and nutritious food, in a sustainable manner, we need new ways of collaborating, innovating and consuming. DSM is the world’s largest producer of vitamins and micronutrients, essential for humans and animals. We also produce special ingredients for food manufacturers worldwide to make food and drinks healthier, tastier, safer and more sustainable. Ingredients that make food production more efficient and prevent waste.’

‘We work closely with both international and local food producers, in all areas, to make better food available for everyone.
In addition to DSM, there are so many other companies and institutions in the Netherlands with tons of knowledge and expertise in the field of food and nutrition, that we as a country should continue to play a leading role in finding solutions and inspiring others to come up with sustainable nutrition. It is of great importance to share that knowledge of Dutch companies and educational and R&D institutions with consumers and other stakeholders.’

‘As DSM, we have been enthusiastic about the WFC right from the start and we are pleased that the plans and ideas are now getting more and more concrete. We are now discussing business models and operators. It will be an attractive, informative meeting place that will benefit the entire Dutch food sector. Now is also the perfect moment, I think, for other companies to join this project.

The WFC is a great display for Dutch innovations, research and development. As DSM we’d sure like to be part of this.’