World Food Center presents plans for the WFC Experience

Experience Plans well received, more agrifood companies involved in further development

The realization of the W orld Food Center (WFC) in Ede has come a few steps closer. BRC Imagination Arts, specialized in the design of special attractions and experiences (including the Heineken Experience), presented an initial plan for a spectacular WFC Experience. Financial specialist Leisure Development Partners has done the preliminary calculations and estimates on the plan and arrives at 350,000 visitors annually.

The proposed content of the WFC Experience has been enthusiastically received by all those involved. On the basis of the BRC plan, a number of large (inter)national agrifood companies have committed themselves to further participate in the development of the WFC. In addition to well-known partners such as Albert Heijn, Scelta Mushrooms, DSM, Wageningen University & Research, Albron, Ede municipality, Gelderland province and WFC Development, now FrieslandCampina, Nestlé, KeyGene and Rabobank have also agreed to participate. In parallel, the Province of Gelderland has decided to reserve 15 million euros for the realization of the WFC.

World Food Center: Feed each other

The World Food Center will be a unique environment where businesses, consumers, public and knowledge institutions work together to work on the continuous challenge to supply high-quality food to a rapidly growing world population. The WFC Experience, as now designed by BRC, will be a unique attraction that shows visitors from the Netherlands and abroad what the Dutch agriculture, science and food industry has to offer. In the WFC Experience visitors of all ages will experience how their food is produced, processed, transported and consumed. Visitors are ‘drawn’ into the story of our food, in a very stimulating way. Techniques such as virtual reality, holograms and 3D are mixed with storytelling and active audience participation. The experience thus offers a fascinating experience that really touches visitors.

In addition the WFC will offer visitors an opportunity to work together with scientists on healthy and sustainable food. Six universities (Amsterdam, Groningen, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Wageningen) are working on a joint research program, making use of the large number of interested consumers who will visit the WFC annually.

Growing participation of the business community

In addition to the earlier participants Albert Heijn, Scelta Mushrooms, DSM and Albron, FrieslandCampina, Nestlé, KeyGene and Rabobank have also agreed to cooperate in the further development of the WFC.

Anita Scholte op Reimer, responsible for Quality Assurance & Product Sustainability at Albert Heijn: “With more than 900 stores and 100,000 employees, Albert Heijn is at the core of our society. We fill as many as five million plates a day. With this comes the great responsibility to offer our customers healthy, tasty and sustainable food on a day by day basis. Fortunately, we are not alone at this, we do this with the entire sector. That whole food chain will soon meet here at the World Food Center. A beautiful place to show the general public where our food comes from and how we innovate. Together with all partners we will make this a success.

Berndt Kodden, managing director of FrieslandCampina Branded NL: “FrieslandCampina wants to deliver better nutrition for a growing world population and a better income for our member dairy farmers for now and future generations. Over 19,000 dairy farmers have been the proud owners of FrieslandCampina for generations, processing their high-quality milk into dairy products that are exported to more than 100 countries around the world. To countries where our dairy is known for its high quality. The World Food Center offers visitors from home and abroad the opportunity to get acquainted with the Dutch dairy chain, from grass to glass. A great experience that shows what we are good at as a small country. This is an initiative that has to be embraced by all parties involved, government, science and business alike.”

Marc-Aurel Boersch, Markethead Nestlé Netherlands: “In order to continue to provide the growing world population with sustainable and healthy food for everyone, cooperation and exchange of knowledge are crucial. At the same time, we believe that food and health awareness is also crucial for the consumer. That is why we bring our accumulated knowledge and expertise and we are happy to support the World Food Center. ”

The City of Ede and the Province of Gelderland are also enthusiastic about the BRC plan. This week, the Province of Gelderland decided to reserve € 15 million for the realization of the WFC. The municipality of Ede already reserved € 5 million for the Experience.

Representative Bea Schouten of the Province of Gelderland: “The WFC must become THE international meeting place for agrifood. Together with the Experience, the WFC is putting the Gelderland agrifood sector firmly on the map, both nationally and internationally. Healthy and safe food is an important theme. Not only for companies in that sector, but also for consumers. This is more than enough reason for us as the Province of Gelderland to reserve 15 million euro for this knowledge center. ”

Alderman Johan Weijland of the city of Ede: “As a municipality we are very enthusiastic about the detailed plans for the WFC Experience. The calculations of LDP show that such an international attraction is perfectly feasible in Ede.”

With the development of the WFC, a lively and attractive multifunctional area will be developed on the former army grounds Ede, right next to Intercity Station Ede-Wageningen. An area that is complementary to the development of Wageningen Campus and strengthens the ambitions of FoodValley and the Netherlands as agrifood nation.