On 1 January, Bionext moved to the World Food Center (WFC) in Ede. This coming spring, Food Inspiration, Shoot My Food Communication, Foodservice Network, Fan Factory, Foodstep and PS in Foodservice will also be moving to Ede.

The first companies will soon take up residence in the former Friso barracks on the World Food Center site. This national monument, where the 11th regiment used to be stationed, is now a space dedicated to agrifood companies. WFC Development B.V. speaks very highly of its new neighbours. “The barracks are becoming a hub of activity with the arrival of companies like Bionext and Food Inspiration,” says Harry Veldhuis, property developer for WFC Development B.V. At the end of last year WFC Development B.V., Wageningen University & Research, industry and government gave the go-ahead for the development of the WFC Experience.  In this Experience, also to be built on this site, visitors will be able to explore everything about food in an inspiring way. Bionext and Food Inspiration cannot wait to start working in their new location. They see the World Food Center as the ultimate place where business life, government and science come together.

“As an advocate of organic farming and food, Bionext likes to take the lead on the path towards sustainable food supply. Therefore, it’s only logical that we are one of the first organisations to set up our business in the World Food Center.”
Bavo van den Idsert, Director at Bionext

“We believe in Working Apart Together, we have been working with our companies Food Inspiration, Shoot My Food Communication, Foodservice Network, Fan Factory, Foodstep & PS in Foodservice for years within our own food service sector. It’s good to working independently for maximum effectiveness and to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit,, and it’s good to work together to exchange know-how, insights and inspiration. We now see an opportunity to further boost this cross-fertilization by setting up our business in a creative hub for companies in (agri)food with an even wider scope.”
Arjan de Boer, director at Food Inspiration, Shoot My Food Communication and Foodservice Network

The World Food Center is an initiative of WFC Development B.V. (a cooperation between Green Real Estate B.V. and Van Wijnen Groep N.V.), the municipality of Ede, Wageningen University & Research and the World Food Centers foundation.