“One of the main global issues today is finding a way to sustainably feed the world population in the future with healthy and nutritional food. Simply ‘doing more of the same’ is not an option; the global food chain – from farmer to consumer, from manufacturer of food ingredients to restaurant owners, from supermarket to transport firm – will have to innovate and work together to get this done. DSM is the world’s largest producer of vitamins and micronutrients, essential nutrients for humans and animals. We also make special ingredients for food manufacturers worldwide. These will make food and drinks healthier, tastier, safer and more sustainable, and also make food production more efficient and reduce waste. Besides DSM there are numerous companies and institutions in the Netherlands that have knowledge and expertise regarding food and nutrition. The Netherlands needs to maintain its leadership role in finding solutions and inspiring others in the field of sustainable
food. It is of great importance to share this knowledge of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions with consumers and other stakeholders. The WFC is going to be an attractive and informative meeting place where the Dutch food industry will be working together with several stakeholders in the Netherlands. It also creates an additional showcase for Dutch innovations, research and development. DSM is proud to contribute to this.”
Gerard Hardeman, Savoury Ingredients Director, DSM Food Specialties

“Albert Heijn has been involved with the WFC right from the start, because we believe in an inspiring place where all aspects of food are brought together. It is a wonderful, international shop window for our agricultural, food and farming industry. Everyone can see and experience the total food chain here in one single place. This is important in times when we value transparency more than ever before. In addition, WFC simplifies the cooperation between various parties in the food industry. We do a lot in partnership with long-term suppliers, but are now also encountering organisations such as Wageningen University & Research and seed distributors. The threshold is lower. “Co-creation and development of new products are central issues for Albert Heijn. Above all, we see the WFC as a place where all conditions for innovative companies working with food are at their prime. Here it is very easy for us to get into contact with other companies, scientists, developers and producers. The presence of start-ups provides excellent dynamics for putting innovating ideas into practice. Another important factor is that we are getting in touch with consumers in a whole different way. In a spot outside the Albert Heijn shop we work together with consumers, for example in taste tests which can now be organised differently.”
Marit van Egmond, commercial director at Albert Heijn

“WFC Experience will become the international meeting place of the agrifood industry.  Together we are creating a special experience world where consumers, producers and researchers can meet with each other in an educational, informative and inspiring way. A nice physical and virtual platform is being created with a special dynamic that offers great opportunities. We find this the very best way to link our sector to consumers. “Scelta Mushrooms believes in the power of the WFC Experience and we are more than happy to contribute our effort. The Kids University for Cooking which we are involved in as one of the partners will provide the inspiring and educational aspect of the WFC. Scelta Mushrooms would love to share the ‘mushroom experience’ with the visitors– how are mushrooms cultivated? What can mushrooms be used for?”
Jan Klerken, owner of Scelta Mushrooms

“The basis of the WFC Experience is the food value chain. The WFC Experience offers an experience combined with entertainment and education. The entire process – nature, science, farm, factory, retailer, preparation and consumption – is made visible here. This is in line with the vision and policy of Albron when it comes to making its services more sustainable with regard to food and drinks. Not only the products themselves, but also the entire chain. Educating the public is an essential part of all this. Albron believes in an integral approach to sustainability. Albron is a partner in the intended initiative and will take care of the concept development, organisation and restaurant services in the Experience. As a forerunner, Albron is also prepared to make a significant contribution in terms of solid, relevant knowledge & know-how. In addition, Albron will also be available to brainstorm about the development vision of the Experience. The idea is to design and offer the restaurant services in a way that boosts the identity of the Experience.”
Teun Verheij, general director at Albron