For the development of the WFC Experience, WFC Development is joining forces with BRC Imagination Arts, a renowned experience design agency. There is no other agency worldwide that is better able to sketch out and produce a design for an experience of this type. “We bring stories to life for leading brands and organisations. And that is how we give visitors unforgettable memories,” says managing director Bart Dohmen.

In January BRC Imagination Arts starts with the research and brainstorm phase. For these activities and to provide the following stages the international agency has an extensive team ready for action. Leisure Development Partners will make the
necessary calculations for the project. This is an essential element, according to Dohmen.
The bigger aim is to win over the hearts of visitors with an attractive experience. And emotions matter. “Look at amusement parks. Why does one park have seven hundred thousand visitors and the other four million? It has everything to do with emotion. At some parks people have a pleasant time, at others they have an amazing, mind-blowing time, and then they recommend it to all their family and friends. Together with Leisure Park Development we are looking for a concept that touches people and also has a strong business case.”

WFC Experience: challenging

BRC Imagination Arts also works for large, international companies in the food industry and the entertainment business. Dohmen calls the WFC Experience an “interesting project. Food is a topic that appeals to many people, and it’s a trend right now. Just think about all the cooking and food shows on TV and the great number of food bloggers. I am convinced that we can make it work. We are going to develop an experience where all the ins and outs of the food value chain are shared in a fair and unbiased way.” The fact that knowledge institutions as well as companies and authorities are involved in the WFC Experience makes it an even more challenging project. “All parties have the same goal: to communicate with consumers. And that is what we are aiming to do.”