In 2050 we will need to provide 9 billion people with healthy food. Governments, knowledge institutions and business meet together at the World Food Center (WFC) in Ede, the Netherlands. They contribute answers to this nutrition challenge. The food experience will be opening its doors in 2020 at the Mauritskazerne. It will be the location with an international flavour in the middle of the Food Valley.

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People in ever-increasing numbers are showing interest in food and sustainable food production. Businesses, consumers and knowledge institutions get to meet one another at the WFC to create and share knowledge. Visitors experience how food is produced, processed, transported and eaten. Everyone will experience the power of the Dutch food value chain at the WFC. The WFC consists of three components.



Businesses and knowledge institutions inspire one another with the latest technologies and food innovations.



Creating and sharing knowledge in workshops of by being the subject of research yourself. Science about and by consumers.



Experience everything to with food interactively. Enjoy food by tasting, feeling, seeing and smelling. ………………………………..


Enjoy the WFC

The WFC welcomes 300,000 visitors a year for a unique food experience. There is room for dialogue in this futuristic theatre with 3D projections and holograms. The Participatorium features mobile labs and kitchens and is suitable for conferences and TV recordings.

It is the place to meet for consumers, food professionals, knowledge institutions and agrifood businesses. It shows that the Netherlands is a global player in agrifood.


Creating and sharing knowledge

A major research programme has been set up, in which science and the consumer cooperate on developing healthy and sustainable food. The programme is an initiative by the universities of Groningen, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Wageningen, business and government. The focus of the research programme is on food as it relates to health, consumer behaviour, co-creation and a sustainable/safe food chain. The WFC offers programme partners a unique opportunity to come into contact with large numbers of consumers and conduct research together with them.


In the heart of Food Valley

The World Food Center and WFC campus are very well situated, in Ede, right in the heart of the Food Valley area and close to Wageningen University & Research. This is the heart of the Ede-Wageningen Knowledge Corridor: the prime location for innovative businesses and agrifood institutions.

This is where the food-related activities bubble away. There is space in this 28-hectare area for businesses to set up shop right next to the World Food Center.

The location has excellent access from the A12 motorway and the soon to be completely refurbished Ede-Wageningen intercity station with a direct service to Schiphol Airport. The Randstad conurbation of the west-central Netherlands and the Ruhr region in Germany are not far: 40 million potential visitors to the World Food Center live within a two-hour drive away.


It is only natural that the WFC should come to Ede. We are the heart of the FoodValley region.

Johan Weijland, alderman of Ede municipal district

The WFC is an opportunity to place the topic of food in the Netherlands high on the international agenda.

Bea Schouten, Gelderland Provincial Executive member

Do you have any questions about eating, drinking or health? Enquire at the WFC in Ede

Cees van Bemmel, WFC Development B.V. director

directeur WFCD



The WFC is an initiative by WFC Development B.V. (a joint venture between Green Real Estate B.V. and Van Wijnen Groep N.V.), Ede municipal district, Wageningen University & Research and the World Food Centers Foundation. The universities of Nijmegen, Utrecht, Groningen and Maastricht also cooperate on the interuniversity research programme.


Leading businesses contribute to the development of the WFC. Experience developers are collaborating intensively on the concept with participating businesses. The health sector, community organisations and educational institutions are also involved in fulfilling the WFC.


World Food Center

Nieuwe Kazernelaan 2-D42

6711 JC Ede

The Netherlands

+31 88 – 600 66 00



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